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What Shingles Are Best For A Hip Style Roof?

Newly installed hip style roof on a home.

American houses tend to have three basic roof styles: Gabled, Flat, or Hip. Many houses have a combination of roof styles, such as a flat roof on an addition with a gabled roof or gabled dormers on a hip roof. In this article, our Best Choice Roofing team will share our in-depth knowledge about the […]

What are the Best Shingles for an Algae-Resistant Roof?

Algae and lichen growing on a roof.

When unsightly algae grow on your roof, they decrease your home’s curb appeal and the lifespan of your current roof. Algae-resistant shingles are a solution to this common problem, protecting your home from unattractive algae, moss, and lichen. Owens Corning StreakGuard Algae-Resistant Protection offers a great way to prevent unwanted growth on your roof shingles. […]

How to Choose the Best Roof Color for Your Home

Beautiful new Owens Corning roof installed on a home.

Make the most of your roof replacement by choosing the perfect shingle color. Why settle for the same color roofing you’ve always had when you can add curb appeal and value to your home with a new hue? At Best Choice Roofing, we are your trusted roofing experts, dedicated to helping you make the best […]

Homeowner’s Guide to 3-tab Roof Shingles

3-tab roof shingle installed on a home.

It’s no secret that your roof is exposed to the elements, 365 days a year. This means it is the first line of defense when it comes to protecting the structure of your house and keeping it in good condition is crucial. Finding a reputable roofing contractor like our team at Best Choice Roofing makes […]

Why Is Regular Roof Maintenance Important?

The Importance of Roof Maintenance

When your roof fails due to aging, storm damage, or poor installation, it may leak and create the need for costly repairs, or even a roof replacement. Routine roof maintenance helps you identify and repair minor problems before they become major ones that sting your wallet. Don’t risk damaging your home due to a faulty […]

Why Does Proper Roofing Ventilation Matter?

Proper Roofing Ventilation

Roof ventilation keeps your home cooler each summer and warmer each winter, extending the life of your roof and decreasing the risk of roof damage. A sound roof ventilation system will also help eliminate moisture in your attic by allowing cool, dry air to enter while letting warm, moist air exit. When your home can […]

Which Roof Shingles Are Wind Resistant?

Wind-Resistant Shingles

Living in a wind-prone area makes wind-resistant roof shingles a must. Roofs covered with high wind-resistant shingles are more durable and stand up to weather events better than non-wind-resistant ones. Without wind-resistant shingles, high winds can cause your home damage by worsening roof leaks, damaging your roofing components, and compromising your home’s structural integrity. Don’t […]

Why Are There Shingle Granules from My Roof in My Yard?

Asphalt Shingles in a Yard

When your asphalt shingles shed some of their granules, should you be concerned? If a pile of granules awaits you when you walk out the front door because of last night’s rainstorm, what caused that? Is it normal? And can it be avoided? Read on to uncover the cause of granule loss and when to […]

Asphalt Shingles vs. Metal Roofing

Asphalt Shingles vs. Metal Roofing

Deciding between popular asphalt shingles and metal roofing can be challenging because they both have many advantages. Whether you are building a new home or re-roofing your current one, your choice of roofing material will impact your property’s looks, how your roof performs over the years, and more. Read on to discover some critical factors […]

How to Identify Raccoon Damage on Your Roof

Signs of Roof Raccoon Roof Damage

If you hear noises in your attic but are unsure why, there are only a few animals you could be dealing with. One of the most common and challenging culprits is raccoons. Read on to learn how to identify raccoon damage on your roof, and discover how to protect your home’s roof from expensive damage. […]

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