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A reliable roof replacement for a client by our pros at Best Choice Roofing.

5 Problems Homeowners Face that Reliable Roof Installation Solves

Your home’s protective layer shields it from the elements 24/7 and delivers eye-catching curb appeal that adds value to your property. When roofing components get old, worn out, or damaged, they need to be replaced by a reputable roofer with premium materials that will go the distance—regardless of what the weather dishes out. 

Read on to discover the problems that detailed roof installation resolves for homeowners throughout America. 

Solving Homeowners’ Roofing Problems with Accurate Installation 

1. Incorrect roofing techniques 

When your home’s protective layer isn’t placed correctly, it becomes vulnerable to damaging moisture intrusion that can cause mold to grow, wood to rot, and water to leak into your attic and living space. If your roof was installed carelessly, it won’t shield your home from the elements as it should, resulting in cracked, warped, or missing asphalt shingles.  

If the roofing contractor used subpar materials, they may wear out quickly, and cause you to need a roof replacement sooner than expected. 

Practical solution: When your roof needs to be replaced, take time to vet a reputable roofer you can trust to install your home’s protective layer with precision. As a Platinum Preferred Contractor with Owens Corning, our expert team at Best Choice Roofing uses top roofing materials with outstanding warranties and a lower price point than other roofing companies. With our Best Choice Roofing 5-year Labor Guarantee and an Owens Corning 50-year warranty, you can rest assured that your home is well protected without future costs. 

2. Adding new roof shingles without tearing your old ones off

Your home was only built to bear so much weight. When a roofer doesn’t tear off the old roof shingles before putting new ones on, it can result in too much stress on your roof’s structure. Additionally, the contractor missed the opportunity to identify and address any underlying structural problems or moisture penetration issues—and those things only get worse if left unattended. Leaving an old roof on instead of tearing it off and disposing of it can also compromise your flashing and cause water damage. 

Practical solution: As you plan your next roof replacement, ensure the contractor will remove your old roof shingles before adding new ones. At Best Choice Roofing, we remove your old shingles and inspect your sub-roofing before initiating your new roof replacement. If repairs are needed in your roof decking, we make them before installing your synthetic underlayment, new shingles, and other components, ensuring you get a high-performance roofing system that will endure for many years. 

3. Roof damage from severe weather

When high winds, rainstorms, or snowstorms leave you with roof damage, it’s essential to repair or replace roofing components promptly to avoid even more problems. If branches from nearby trees fall or are blown onto your home due to high winds, they can cause vulnerabilities in your roof immediately, allowing moisture to penetrate your house and cause damage. If left unnoticed, mold can begin to grow within days due to water intrusion. 

Practical solution: If you have large trees bordering your property, trim them back so they don’t become a threat to your roof’s integrity. If tree limbs even brush up against your roofing shingles, over time they can cause damage from the daily wear and tear they create. 

4. Worn out flashing

Flashing is a flat, thin piece of metal that helps waterproof the perimeter and protrusions of your roofing system (chimneys, walls, and roof valleys). Flashing directs water away from the joints and prevents it from entering the openings and cracks in your roof. It’s a vital component of your roofing system. 

If your flashing is old or worn out, it is no longer able to do its job effectively, putting your roof at risk of water intrusion and additional damage. If it cracks, your roof’s underlayment will become exposed to damaging water. 

Practical solution: When you have your roof replaced, make sure the contractor installs new flashing to ensure it will endure the elements along with your new shingles. Additionally, do a visual inspection of your home’s protective layer twice a year and after any major storms to ensure your flashing, roofing shingles, and additional components are still in good working order. If you see a problem, contact a reputable contractor promptly to have it assessed. 

5. Improper ventilation

If you notice that the insulation in your attic is damp, it’s a clear sign that your roof is not ventilated correctly. Mold and mildew can build up as a result, which will damage your roof (and may even create health risks for you and your family). Your roof needs to breathe, and that begins with adequate air entering your attic through your eaves and exiting near the peak of your home. 

Practical solution: When planning your roof replacement, have the contractor evaluate your roof ventilation system and add the needed components to ensure attic temperatures are ideal throughout the year, extending the lifespan of your roof. 

Roofing Components You Can Trust 

At Best Choice Roofing, we are recognized by Owens Corning as one of the top 1% of roofing contractors in the U.S., and we ensure you get the precision installation of your roofing components. We only install the best materials in the industry: the Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System.

Take a moment to learn more about how our roofing services deliver reliable protection for your most significant investment and maximize your curb appeal.

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