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Best Choice Roofing Charlotte Donates Roof to WWII Veteran

Best Choice Roofing Charlotte Donates Roof to WWII Veteran

In June, Best Choice Roofing Charlotte, NC teamed up with Purple Heart Homes and the Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project to install a brand new roof at no cost for 95-year-old WWII Veteran Robert Cochrane. Cochrane’s roof was leaking, causing severe structural damage to the wall framing, floor joists, and girders of his home.

The constant moisture created mold in his home’s bathrooms and forced him to discontinue the use of his main bathroom – he feared his bathtub and toilet might fall straight through the floor if he did not.

Cochrane said he has lived in his north Charlotte home since 1956 and is thankful for the new upgrades. His roof was 32 years old, double-shingled, and had been in serious need of replacement for many years. That’s why the Best Choice Roofing team, lead by owner Bjorn Mohaugen, offered our assistance through the Roofing Deployment Project to ensure his roof would protect him and his home for many years to come.

The BCR team tore off the old roof, replaced most of the decking, and installed a brand new roof at zero cost to Mr. Cochrane. Construction on Mr. Cochrane’s new roof began on June 24th. Mr. Cochrane personally chose Duration Estate Grey shingles from Owens Corning to complete the appearance of his new roofing system.

About the Roof Deployment Project

The Roof Deployment Project has replaced roofs on more than 325 homes for active and former members of the US military since 2016. BCR Hattiesburg, MS and BCR Bowling Green, KY have each participated in this program in the past, providing new roof installations for soldiers and veterans. It’s our way of giving back for their faithful service as part of our philanthropic mission. Our goal is to help these heroes keep high-quality roofs over their heads – no matter where they live in the country.

To learn more about this program or to contact your local Best Choice Roofing team.

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