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Leaves that need to be cleaned out of gutters in the fall.

Why You Should Clean Your Gutters This Fall

Neglecting your gutters in the fall poses potential risks for your home. That’s why it’s so important to clean your gutters each autumn. Removing the debris such as leaves, twigs, and more allows your gutters to do their job and channel water away from your home, ensuring your roof is protected from moisture intrusion so it can deliver the high performance and longevity it was designed to. 

You may have overlooked the importance of cleaning your gutters in the past, but if you will learn the trouble it helps you avoid, it will climb quickly to the top of your fall to-do list. 

5 Consequences of Neglecting Gutter Cleaning in the Fall

Autumn’s colors are gorgeous, but when the leaves end up clogging your gutters, and the problem is left unaddressed, trouble from moisture intrusion is ahead. Here are some of the types of damage that may result if you don’t clean your gutters each fall. 

  1. Potential for Water Damage to Your Home’s Foundation or Interior—When debris builds up in your gutters, they tend to clog and overflow. The result is water could begin to cause damage to your soffit, fascia, siding, interior walls, basement, and your foundation. When water gets backed up in your gutters, it has to go somewhere, and unfortunately, wherever it goes, it causes damage. 
  1. Risk of Ice Dams in the Winter Due to Trapped Water—Ice dams form when snow on your roof melts and makes its way into your gutters. This triggers ice dams to develop that prevent proper drainage. And the problem can be magnified by gutters that have a buildup of debris in them. Ice dams cause moisture to seep under your asphalt shingles and invade your fascia and soffit. Icicles can form, adding weight your gutters were not designed to handle, causing them to detach.  
  1. Threat of Pests and Critter Infestation Due to Stagnant Water—Clogged gutters attract pests, rodents, and other critters you don’t want to invade your property. This could pose a serious health hazard for you and your family, and major repairs may result.
  1. Early Wear of Gutters Themselves—When water backs up in your gutters and remains there, it can begin to damage the gutters themselves, causing holes and leaks. 
  1. Sagging Gutters—If you don’t clean out your gutters each fall, when winter comes, water may become trapped in them and freeze. The weight of the frozen water can cause gutters to pull away from your home, sag, or even begin to dangle. 
  1. Mold—When water sits in your gutters for an extended period of time, it can permeate your roofing components and cause unhealthy mold. 
  1. Rust and corrosion—Water that is stuck in your gutters causes rust and corrosion, shortening their lifespan. 

Why Gutters Are Essential for Your Home

What Gutters Do

Gutters may be small, but their job is crucial. They channel water from rain, snow, and ice—away from your home. 

How Gutters Protect Your House 

  • Gutters protect your foundation. Without them, your foundation is at risk of becoming damaged.
  • When water has nowhere to go due to clogged gutters, it infiltrates your roofing system and wreaks havoc on your home. Gutters shield your roof from the costly effects of moisture damage. 
  • Gutters safeguard your fascia from becoming damaged. If clogged gutters go unnoticed, they get weighty, pull away from the fascia and damage it, creating the need for repair. 
  • Your gutters shelter your landscaping from becoming damaged. You’ve invested a lot in the landscaping around your home, and if your gutters are not working properly due to lack of maintenance, the perimeter of your house will become flooded. Water will pool around your property, over-watering your beautiful flowers, shrubs, and trees. 
  • Gutters keep your curb appeal in tip-top shape. While they aren’t the focal point of your home’s looks—clean, well-kept gutters give your home a crisp, finished appearance. If they are well maintained, they blend into your house’s façade seamlessly. The absence of damage (caused by poorly maintained gutters) also Discover the hidden risks of neglecting gutter cleaning this fall. From water damage to pest infestations, find out why it’s crucial for your home’s longevity. Learn more now!. You avoid the unsightly appearance of sagging gutters, dead landscaping, and water-stained siding. 
  • Gutters protect your basement from moisture damage. When water isn’t channeled away from your home via your gutters and downspouts, your basement is at risk of flooding. Why? Because without well-maintained gutters, water pools around your home’s perimeter and seeps into your basement—particularly if your landscaping slopes toward your house rather than away from it. 

Why Fall Gutter Maintenance Is So Vital

If your home is surrounded by a lot of deciduous trees, they will lose their leaves each fall, and likely fill up your gutters with debris, causing problems to cascade if you don’t remove them. 

Autumn brings heavy rains, and the combination of falling leaves and lots of rain can damage your home if you don’t clean your gutters. You’ll extend your gutter’s lifespan if you clean them twice a year: each fall and spring. 

Fall Gutter Cleaning

If you are not comfortable climbing a ladder and tackling the mucky job of cleaning out your gutters, hire someone to do it for you. But get the debris, leaves, twigs, and gunk out of your gutters! 

A preventative maintenance idea to consider for the future is to have gutter guards installed. They keep debris out of your gutters for you and minimize the need for cleaning. 

Dependable Roofing Installation with Best Choice Roofing

Your gutters work with your roofing system and protect it from damage. When roofing fails due to its age, storm damage, or moisture intrusion, it’s vital that you address the situation promptly. At Best Choice Roofing, we have successfully completed over 60,000 roofing installations, giving homeowners peace of mind that their biggest investment is well protected. Learn how our roofing services can maximize your house’s beauty, protect it from water intrusion, and add value to your home.

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