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Identifying Signs of Storm Damage to Your Roof

Ever sat through a storm, holding your breath as hailstones drummed on your roof like an army of percussionists? Then you know the unease that follows. “How bad is the damage?” you wonder.

We get it; Northern Delaware’s many thunderstorms and snow falls can leave homeowners biting their nails in worry. But what if we told you there are clear signs to look out for, hints that shout ‘storm damage’?

This guide will illuminate how to spot leaks or structural issues and recognize shingle damages caused by wind and hail.

No more fear after storms – just actionable knowledge with a roof replacement! So grab a cup of coffee (or hot cocoa) because we’re about to dive into this vital homeowner skill set together!

Understanding Storm Damage in Northern Delaware

Northern Delaware is no stranger to storms, with an average of 40-50 thunderstorms hitting the region each year. Snowfall in Northern Delaware is generally around 10-15 inches per year.

The Frequency and Types of Storms

Thunderstorms are quite common here, but hail storms also make their presence known. And when they do, those icy projectiles can reach up to an inch in diameter – enough to give any asphalt roof a rough time. It’s like Mother Nature playing ping pong on your rooftop.

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly soft nature of snowfall — it can cause serious damage. The weight of accumulated snow can stress your roof over time leading to structural issues if not properly managed.

The Impact of Storms on Asphalt Roofs

Different types of storms mean different kinds of damage for asphalt roofs. A loud clap from a thunderstorm could signal more than just noise – it might indicate damaging winds or heavy rainfall battering against your shingles.

Hailstones act like tiny wrecking balls hammering away at the protective granules on shingles while high-speed wind gusts during these events often lead to missing or damaged shingles altogether. This leaves them vulnerable and reduces their ability to protect your home from future weather onslaughts.

Snowfall too plays its part as constant freezing and thawing cycles can exploit even minor cracks turning them into major leaks over time.

Identifying Signs of Storm Damage to Your Roof

When a storm hits, your roof bears the brunt. The damage can lead to leaks and structural issues that are not always visible right away.

Spotting Leaks and Structural Issues

Detecting leaks is crucial after a storm. Telltale signs include damp patches on ceilings or walls, water pooling in the attic, or even an unexpected spike in your energy bills due to decreased efficiency.

The structure of your home might also be compromised by severe storms. If doors and windows become hard to open or close, it could indicate shifting caused by storm damage. Strong winds, which Northern Delaware experiences frequently during thunderstorms, can cause significant structural stress on roofs.

Recognizing Shingle Damage

Your shingles give you clues about the state of your roof after a storm. Loose granules found in gutters suggest wind-driven rain has been at work; these tiny fragments are knocked off as hailstones pound down on asphalt shingles.

You should also keep an eye out for missing shingles – strong winds can lift them clean off. Furthermore, when heavy rainfall leads to water pooling, this excess weight causes sagging between rafters – another sign of potential trouble ahead.

The Importance of Professional Roof Inspections

A professional inspection is like getting glasses; it helps see things more clearly – including hidden damages that might cause bigger issues down the line if neglected.

Certified inspectors, like our team at Best Choice Roofing Northern Delaware, spot potential problems early on so you can fix them before turning into expensive disasters.

Storms might still make your heart race, but they don’t need to leave you clueless about potential damages anymore. Knowledge is power—and this guide just supercharged yours! Turn to Best Choice Roofing for all your storm damage & roof repair needs, and learn more about our roof replacement services!

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