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How to Protect Your Roof from Fireworks

This weekend many families across the United States will celebrate our country’s independence of 1776 by gathering with family, friends and loved ones. Traditional backyard picnics, lake and beach parties, and community gatherings are just a few events that will be enjoyed. Fireworks are an essential part of the celebration and are looked forward to every year.

But what does this mean for your home?


It is important to point out that cities and rural towns follow codes and ordinances when setting off fireworks. There are safety precautions in place. This might include a required distance from building structures. It might require individuals setting off the fireworks to be trained or even licensed. Depending on the complexity of the firework, or its size, these are reasons why some fireworks are prohibited from public use.

You might experience some of your neighbors setting off these same fireworks this weekend… Here are some great tips to protect your roof and home.

Dry Roof

Damage from fireworks can always be a legitimate concern for a homeowner. The condition of your roof, as well as the areas and elements surrounding your home, can drastically affect the likelihood of damage. When nearby fireworks are set off and begin to light up the sky, there is always a distinct possibility for an ember to land on your roof. What happens next could be anything from a light burning to an extensive fire.


Use a garden hose and water down your roof before the show begins!

Greenery on or around your home

Another possibility is dry leaves and twigs catching fire in your gutter. Be sure to clean these out as well. Also, low hanging limbs near your home should be trimmed back because they are another potential hazard. Be sure additional greenery in your yard that has the potential to catch on fire during this holiday is watered down or trimmed.

To help protect your home and roof from harm’s way this weekend, preparation is key. If you have a dry roof and deck, water them down. If you have overhanging limbs or overgrown greenery near your home, trim them back and clear your home of all potential hazards. And if your gutters are full of leaves and twigs, clean them out.

If you notice deteriorating, or missing shingles, contact one of our roofing experts to inspect your roof. Contact us today and we’ll be out soon to give you peace of mind!

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