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Key factors that affect the cost of roof replacement

Key Factors that Affect the Cost of Your Roof Replacement

When your roof leaks, incurs storm damage, or gets old, it’s time to replace it. Start the process by getting an estimate from a reputable contractor, like Best Choice Roofing. 

Ask for details about the price of a roof replacement because oversimplified online roof replacement calculations leave out vital elements that impact the cost of a new roof. 

At Best Choice Roofing, we offer a free, no-obligation inspection and a personalized estimate. Our experts provide photo and video evidence of any discovered damages and issues on your roof. 

Let’s uncover what factors into the cost of your roof replacement

Elements that Influence the Price of a New Roof 

1. Quality and Complexity of Materials

The type of roofing material you choose will directly impact your roof replacement costs. Classic three-tab shingles vary in price from architectural shingles that meet COOL roof code requirements

Owens Corning asphalt roofing delivers durable roofing that safeguards your home from the elements for decades. Its affordability and longevity make it a popular choice for homeowners across America. 

2. Roof Size and Intricacy

Your roof’s square footage includes every covered living space plus your garage, eaves, overhangs, lanai (covered patio), and front entryway. 

Your roof’s size impacts your replacement cost directly because it dictates the quantity of roof shingles and underlayment you will need, and also reflects the basic amount of labor your roof installation will require. 

The design and shape of your roof also factor into your roof replacement cost. Your home’s architectural design, multiple dormers, gables, and valleys are more labor intensive and will directly affect your overall cost. 

3. Removal and Disposal of Existing Roofing Materials

While some contractors leave your old roof on and install a new roof over it, at Best Choice Roofing, we offer the complete removal and disposal of your old roofing components. This ensures your home is fortified from moisture intrusion and other costly problems that could creep up in the future if your old roof is left intact. 

Leaving an old roof in place may sound like a good way to cut costs, but it can create negative consequences in the long run to bypass the removal of your current roof. 

4. Structural Repairs or Modifications

When your current roof is removed, your home may need structural repairs due to moisture intrusion, rot, mold, or deterioration due to age. You may need new decking, underlayment, and flashing around your chimney and skylights. The products used to complete your home’s necessary repairs or modifications will directly impact your overall roof replacement cost. 

5. Accessibility

If your roof is tough to access, contractors may need scaffolding or other safety equipment to complete your project, which would be factored into the overall cost of roof replacement. 

6. Safety Considerations

Steep roofs are more complicated (and dangerous) to replace. Extra safety precautions must be taken to prevent accidents, so the labor for this type of roof replacement will be higher. Generally, to ensure the safety of your roofers, the steeper the roof, the pricier the project. 

7. Unique Features

If you have skylights, multiple chimneys, and other odd roof details, they will add time and increase the price of your roof replacement due to the extra labor it takes to work around your home’s distinct features. 

8. Roof Ventilation

Without adequate ventilation, your roof will age prematurely, your attic will retain moisture, and your energy bills will increase. Installing new roof vents will impact your roofing replacement’s cost and timeline, but it will be well worth the investment over the years! Adding ventilation enhances your roofing system’s performance and longevity. 

9. Local Regulations and Permits

The local building permits required for roof replacements in many communities are obtained from municipal authorities, and should be factored into your roof replacement cost. Roof inspections are also a vital requirement in many areas and should be included in your new roof’s price. 

10. Extended Warranties

Some companies offer extended warranties for you to purchase separately from the manufacturer’s warranty that already comes with your roof. This will add to your overall cost for a new roof but will give you confidence in your home’s protection

11. Your Geographical Location

Where you live in the U.S. impacts the cost of your roofing materials and the labor for their installation. Also, California and Florida have specific material and installation requirements to comply with state and local building codes, and they will impact the overall cost of roof replacement. 

12. Best Choice Roofing Company’s Reputation and Expertise

At Best Choice Roofing, we are a Platinum Preferred Contractor with Owens Corning, so we can offer you the best roofing products and warranties the industry has, and at a lower price than other roofing companies

With a Best Choice Roofing 5-year Labor Guarantee and an Owens Corning 50-year warranty, you can rest assured your home is protected without future costs being incurred.

Trusted Roofing Installation for Your Home’s Protection

A new roof protects your home from the elements, enhances its curb appeal, and lowers energy bills. To get the high performance and longevity you deserve from your new roof, you’ll need two essential ingredients: 

    • High-quality roofing shingles – We use only the finest Owens Corning asphalt shingles that add contrast and dimension to your roof and boost curb appeal.  
    • Expert installation – At Best Choice Roofing, we are recognized by Owens Corning as one of the top 1% of roofing contractors in the U.S., so you can rest at ease that your roof will be installed with precision. 


Our skilled team installs Best Choice Roofing Synthetic Underlayment, new shingles, and other roofing components. Consult with a Best Choice Roofing professional to obtain accurate cost estimates tailored to your specific project. 

Take a moment to learn more about our roofing services and ask about our in-house financing.

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