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No Touch, No Entry, Roof Inspection

You may qualify for a brand new roof paid for by your insurance company.*

3 EASY steps

STEP 1: No Touch, No Entry, FREE roof inspection

(We email you photos and video footage to document the storm damage. We do not need to come in, you don’t need to come out.)

STEP 2: No Touch No Entry, Insurance Adjuster Meeting

(We meet with your insurance adjuster outside while you stay in the comfort of your own home.)

STEP 3: If Approved, GET A NEW ROOF

(All you have to do is pick out the color of your shingles from your computer, tablet, or smart phone.)

Get a new roof without ever having to make physical contact with anyone.

We need no interaction with you in order to explain why, in our opinion, your insurance company should repair or replace the damage sustained to your home by recent storms.*Remember, wind, hail, ice, water, and mold don’t care about a virus. Be safe neighbor, but be diligent and protect your home as well.


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