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Pipe boots and roof damage

Damage caused by incorrect installation of a pipe boot can not only result in damage to your roof, but also to your attic and home interior. But what is a pipe boot?

All buildings and residential structures are required to have a plumbing vent, or vent pipe. These are typically white tubes, seen extending vertically out of the topside of roofs. The purpose of the vent is to enable harmful gases from septic systems (toilets) to escape your home. If multiple vents are seen, it is most likely to clear out additional fumes like Radon.

Pipe boots are the protective coverings that ceil the gap between the vent pipe and the opening of your roof. They protect your home from water, moisture, and other debris that might impact your roof. Side note: your typical pipe lasts for ten years and costs $150. Although rubber vent boots are most widely used on residential structures, they are also made out of aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, tin, and zinc.

So, if incorrectly installed or faulty, what can happen?

Whether you are experiencing a severe storm (no pun intended, or was it) or a light shower, your home has a hole in the roof. You need some form of protection that eliminates the likelihood of elements entering your home. If improperly installed or in poor condition your home will suffer. Damage could include defects in the boot itself, surrounding shingles, your attic and structure of your roof, mold, and mildew, not to mention higher energy bills. Damage could also impact your personal belongings, drywall, carpet, and other interior materials.

Proper condition and installation is key. Knowledge of your roof status and being prepared for storms will help keep you and your family safe. Not being proactive will mean a minor boot replacement or shingle area being repaired, resulting in an entire roof replacement. Instead of a few hundred dollars, you’ll pay thousands of dollars OUT OF POCKET (At Fault Claim). All because a pipe boot ($150) was incorrectly installed or in poor condition.


Our team can come out to your home at your convenience. In as little as 15 minutes, we can let you know the condition of your roof and pipe boot. Did we mention we’ll do this for free?

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