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Quick Tips to Find a Roof Leak

A roof leak can go unnoticed for months and cause damage to the interior of your home. The quicker you find a leak, the faster you can repair it and the lower the repair bill will be to fix the problem areas. If you see any of these signs, then it is time to contact a licensed roofing specialist to investigate the culprit of the leak.

  • Water stains on your ceiling
  • Algae and mold on the shingles
  • Curling or buckling shingles
  • Excess moisture in attic areas
  • Condensation on attic surfaces or windows

Finding the source of a roof leak can be challenging, but the general repair can be more straightforward. Any time you find a roof leak, it is good practice to contact a roof replacement specialist just to assess if the integrity of your roof is okay and to make sure a complete roof replacement is not needed. For a roof that is approaching the 15-18 year mark, it may be time to stop repairing leaks and consider a long-term fix: a roof replacement.

Search For New Leaks

For a new leak, trace the flow of the water or the water stain. In many cases, running water can lead you to the source of the leak. If needed, you may need to cut into drywall or begin removing roof shingles to expose the underlying issue. Rotted wood under a shingle is a sign that water may be entering your home through the roof and the roofing shingle, and wood underlayment will need to be replaced.

Getting into the attic is an excellent way of also locate leaks and other roofing issues. In the attic, look for water stains and signs of mold growth. Always exercise caution if you do go on the roof and when at all possible, contact a roofing specialist to do a roof inspection. If a large section of your roof is compromised, it may not be able to sustain your body weight, and this could pose a risk to your safety. Keep in mind those vulnerable roof areas may not stick out to the untrained eye. Having a certified roofing professional come for a free consultation can give you great insight into what issues your roof may be having and practical, affordable ways to repair your roof if a roof replacement is not an option.

If you still cannot locate the leak, take a water hose and spray water on your roof for 15-20 minutes. Have another person walk through your home to see if water is entering through the ceiling. If possible, also look inside of the attic to see if any water has entered there as well.

Once you find the source of a roof leak, call a reputable roofing expert to further investigate the leak. In some cases, what you may think is a small problem is actually a sign of larger roof failure. For a free roof replacement consultation, contact the friendly roofing team at Best Choice Roofing – we’d be happy to explore your roof leak and suggest roof replacement options.

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