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Preparing Your Roof For The Winter

It’s that time of year again – the days are growing shorter, the temperatures are dropping, and suddenly we are all searching frantically for our stowed-away coats and gloves.

Winter months can often be harsh and unrelenting. While you may be busy thinking of how best to prepare for the colder weather, how much thought have you given to the roof over your head?

Residential home roofs are designed and manufactured to withstand almost anything that mother nature throws their way. Depending on the style and materials that make up your roof, even the coldest winters and scorching hot summers can’t make a dent in the protection they provide. However, even the most well-built roof will eventually begin to age. The wear and tear that roofs can endure will cause them to deteriorate, leading to unexpected damage that you may not notice until it’s too late.

At Best Choice Roofing, we are huge advocates for preventative care when it comes to your roof. The best time to prepare your roof for the winter is before the cold weather sets in – as low temperatures and ice or snow can wreak havoc on the roof itself.

Avoid the headache of costly roofing repairs or replacement by taking the steps to prepare now. Here are our top tips for prepping your residential roof for the winter.

1. Take A Look At Your Roof’s Age

The first step we recommend is to revisit your roof’s installation history. How old is your roof? When was the last time that you had work completed on the roof, and have any inspectors recommended repairs?

You may be tempted to jump up on your roof and take a look at the current state of matters yourself, but it can be a great investment to bring in a trained contractor who can take a look and give you winterizing tips. Looking over the more intricate elements such as the flashings, seams, structure, rooftop equipment, and roof shingles, a contractor can give you an idea as to what parts of your roof need immediate servicing, and how to proceed before the temps drop too low.

2. Get A Free Inspection On The Calendar

Similar to hiring a contractor to come out and take a look, it can be beneficial to go ahead and put a roof inspection on the calendar. Even if you are not looking to sell your home, or aren’t concerned that damage exists, it can still give you peace of mind to know that a trained roof inspector has taken a look at your roof and given you the go-ahead for a safe winter. Plus, with Best Choice Roofing, the inspection is free! Click here to fill out the simple form on our website and request your free inspection now.

The inspector will not only take a look at your roof’s materials, but they will also examine your gutters and roof vents to ensure that everything is up to snuff. The inspection will give you a good idea as to the shape your roof is in, and any repairs that should be made to prepare for the winter.

3. Check & Clean Out Those Gutters

One of the biggest culprits to winter roofing issues comes from clogged up gutters. When debris – especially leaves from the fall trees – clogs up your gutters, the water from rain, ice or snow will collect on the roof. When the temperatures drop, the water will freeze – adding a dangerous layer of weight to your roof, and wreaking havoc on the shingles. Avoid excess pooling of water that can freeze in the cold weather by cleaning out your gutters and making any repairs as needed.

It can also be helpful to ensure that any limbs or overhanging trees are trimmed to avoid damage from tree limbs falling onto the roof.

Need Help Preparing For The Snow & Ice? Trust Best Choice Roofing For Your Winter Roofing Preparation

Don’t let the winter months catch you off guard. The last thing you want to deal with during the holiday season is a damaged and leaking roof!

Ready to prepare your roof for the winter months? Look no further than the team at Best Choice Roofing. Our team of skilled roofing experts has years of experience helping homeowners prepare their homes for a variety of weather, as well as aiding in a variety of roofing repairs and replacements. To learn more about our services, as well as see other roof maintenance and prevention tips, contact Best Choice Roofing today.

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